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Freeway Fury 3 - Coming soon!

2014-09-11 21:05:17 by VascoF

Freeway Fury 3 - Next Thursday Sept 18

Freeway Fury iPhone

2013-08-23 19:59:27 by VascoF

Freeway Fury has just been released for the iPhone! New and improved version! Get it here:

Or check out the Facebook page with gameplay trailer here:

Freeway Fury iPhone

Freeway Fury Mobile

2013-08-19 17:54:06 by VascoF

We have just finished the iPhone version of Freeway Fury! If everything goes well, it will be available on the App Store in just a few days!

Meanwhile, here's a gameplay video: Freeway Fury video trailer

Hope you like it :)

Freeway Fury Mobile

Freeway Fury 2 Release Date

2011-11-04 12:57:36 by VascoF

Freeway Fury 2 will be released on Thursday, November 10th!

UPDATE: I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but the game will not be released on this date on Newgrounds after all (it will on another site). On Newgrounds it will probably be released a week later, November 17th.

Freeway Fury 2 Release Date

Freeway Fury 2 trailer

2011-08-11 06:26:47 by VascoF

Hey guys,

This is my first news post. Just wanted to let you know that Freeway Fury 2 is on the way, and I've made a preview trailer. Hope you like it :)