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Freeway Fury 3 - Coming soon!

2014-09-11 21:05:17 by VascoF

Freeway Fury 3 - Next Thursday Sept 18


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2014-09-16 03:42:02

We have barely 2 days left! I need to see the trailer for this game!


2014-09-16 18:59:05

Freeway Fury 3's going to be released tomorrow! I still need the trailer, VascoF! The game will have awesome physics, new vehicles and engine sounds!


2014-10-25 22:47:32

Freeway Fury 3 is based on the iPhone game of the same name! Also, we have the all-new logo for the Freeway Fury series, VascoF! This game has more fun, more action, more crashes, more explosives and more high octane experience than any other previous game! I'm really, REALLY giving this a triple A plus!

VascoF responds:

Thanks mathewg!


2014-12-05 08:00:47

Hey, VascoF, I just happen to know that we put an end to the Freeway Fury series. But is there another game in the series, or an arcade version, or another Freeway Fury iPhone update?...

VascoF responds:

Hey mattewg. I can't say for sure, but there will probably be an improved version of Freeway Fury 3 for Android, and maybe iPhone too. But since I'm working on another game now, I don't know when that would happen...